Young Pianist

Age 5-18

Our Young Pianist program is open for children and teenagers ages 5 to 18. In this program, we provide a fun and effective approach to learning piano that nurtures their musical abilities and helps them grow in their musical journey.

What is the Young Pianist program like?

In our Young Pianist program, our focus is on developing strong foundational skills, including proper technique, ear training and sight reading, as well as exploring music history and theory. We also emphasize musical creativity and imagination by exploring all genres, from classical to contemporary. We offer performance opportunities like recitals, competitions, and exams. Whether your child is a beginner or interested in pursuing music further, our experienced teachers tailor the lessons to suit each student’s age, skill level, and musical goals. Our main goal is to inspire a lifelong love and appreciation for music

Our Young Pianist program includes:

  • A 30 min, 45 min to an hour lesson weekly
  • Fall and Spring Piano Recitals.
  • Collaborative performances (ex: with string quartet, duet/trio with families or fellow students)
  • Piano masterclasses and exams (ABRSM, RCM, or NYSSMA)
  • National and International Piano Competitions
  • Fun and motivational practice challenges
  • Summer Virtual Music Camp